Upload your ID here for sends and receives of £800 and above

Why do you need to upload your ID?

The Fourth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive has been implemented across Europe, and has now come into law in the UK in the form of The Money Laundering ,Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds Regulations 2018, which effects all money transfer providers. This means that you will need to upload ID after sending and before receiving £800 and above.

Follow these easy steps to upload your ID1 at id.moneygram.com


Enter your MoneyGram Reference number and last name

You will find the 8-digit MoneyGram Reference Number on your receipt. You will need to provide your email address.


Select ID type and take a photo of your ID1

Follow the on-screen prompts to take a photo of the ID1 you used for your transaction. You can also upload an image from your PC.


You’re done!

You will receive a message from MoneyGram confirming that your ID1 has been uploaded successfully.

NOTE: All transactions will be on hold until this process is complete.

Tips when uploading your ID

  • Make sure your ID1 is on a plain background.
  • If holding your ID1, ensure you don’t cover the text or image with your fingers.
  • The text and ID1 image are clear and free of dirt or smudges.
  • No light reflections on the document.
  • Provide both an image of the front and back of the ID when directed.