Save time in-store when you use Pay with Cash

Start in-app, pay with cash

Begin your transaction with the MoneyGram app using any mobile device and complete it at one of participating agent locations.

How to use Pay with Cash

Enter your transaction information in the app

Register or log-in to your profile. Tell us who you are sending to and how much you want to send. Select ‘Cash at a location' and choose a location near you.


Visit your selected MoneyGram agent location within 48 hours

Present your QR code or phone number to finish the transaction. Be prepared to show a valid photo ID.


That's it!

Fast, easy and convenient checkout.



Select ‘Cash at a location’ to:

Save time
send with MoneyGram | hour glass icon image
Enter information on the MoneyGram app and finish in-store within 48 hours
Eliminate paperwork
Send money with MoneyGram| moneybag icon image
No in-store forms to complete.
Ensure accuracy
send money with MoneyGram MobilePass | thumbs up icon image
You control the information (e.g. not a store clerk/teller).


Please note: The app will display available services based on your location. Not all services will be available in all countries. The app supports the same send and receive countries shown on our website, Fees vary based on transaction details such as transfer amount, payment type, destination county, delivery method and pick-up location.